New Faculty Orientation

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Creekside South (CRSO) 130

note: Dr. Lanette Poteete-Young, Associate Provost of Curriculum, will fill in for Dr. Amundson due to a family emergency


8:30-9:00           Welcome & introductions

Jhennifer Amundson, Architecture & Associate Provost for Faculty

David Amundson, Architecture & Director of Fabrication

Teesta Jain, Chemistry

Russell Kinkade, Psychology

Kristy Piebenga, Assistant Director, Master of Literacy Education Program

Denise Purvis, Clinical Counseling

9:00-9:45           Foundations

Judson University: Baptist Identity; Vision & Mission

Gene Crume, President

Will Friesen, Provost and Chief Academic Officer

1968 Statement of Purpose

University Mission Statement & Educational Goals

Community Standards

Faith Identity Statement & Ten Spiritual Qualities

University Educational Goals

Lanette Poteete-Young, Mathematics & Associate Provost of Curriculum

General Education Curriculum 

Jim Halverson, History & Director of General Education

short break

10:00-10:30        Resources

Ginny Guth, Registrar

Gineen Vargas, ADA Compliance Coordinator/Student Success Center

Larry Wild, Library Director 

10:30 -11:30       Logistical information

Advice on how to write a syllabus

short break

11:30-12:15        Being a Faithful Professor (integration of faith, teaching & scholarship)

                        Josh Jones, Music

                        Jim Halverson, History

                        Joy Towner, Education

12:15-12:30        Conclusion