New Faculty Orientation: Pro-Rata & Fulltime


Tuesday, 14 August 2018

8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Creekside South (CRSO) 130

8:30-8:45           Welcome & introductions

new faculty biographies [link coming soon]

Prof. David Amundson, Architecture & Director of Fabrication

Dr. Russell Kinkade, Psychology

Prof. Kristy Piebenga, Assist. Director, MLIT

Dr. Denise Purvis, Clinical Counseling

8:45-9:00           Judson University: Vision & Mission

Dr. Jhennifer Amundson, Architecture & Associate Provost for Faculty

1968 Statement of Purpose

University Mission Statement & Educational Goals

Community Standards

Faith Identity Statement & Ten Spiritual Qualities

9:00-9:30           Faith identity & Baptist heritage


9:30-10:00         General Education Curriculum

Dr. Jim Halverson, History

General Education Framework & Requirements

10:00-11:00        Institutional Organization & Logistical information

Academic Organization

Logistical information and legal issues

Course planning and syllabus content

                            Overview of Student Success Center, Library, and referral system

short break

11:00-11:40        Welcome from the mentors; integration of teaching and faith






short break

11:40-12:00        Welcome from University leadership

Dr. Lanette Poteete-Young, Associate Provost of Academic Curriculum

Dr. Will Friesen, Provost and CAO

Dr. Gene Crume, President

12:00                Adjournment; photographs followed by mentor/mentee lunches