Members of the Faculty Development Council for 2018-2019:

Dr. Warren Anderson, Worship Arts

Dr. Craig Kaplowitz, History

Ms. Dana Pautsch, Exercise & Sports Science

Dr. Gillian Stewart-Wells, Education

Dr. Mark Torgerson, Biblical and Theological Studies/Worship Arts

Dr. Susan Wesner, Business

Dr. Jhennifer Amundson, Architecture (& Chair/APF)


Mission & Vision

Faculty development programs at Judson University are organized by the Associate Provost of Faculty (APF), who chairs the Faculty Development Advisory Council (FDC). Both the position of APF and the FDC were established in 2017.

The APF facilitates, promotes, and advances recruitment, development, and retention efforts that support scholarship, institutional service, and teaching for faculty at all career stages, within a context that honors and encourages the faculty’s integration of personal Christian commitment with their work and support of the University mission. Faculty development initiatives will:

  • Encourage excellence and innovation in teaching:
    • through new methods and technologies that inspire student achievement and serve diverse student needs,
    • by embracing teaching as an intellectual act that can be improved through purposeful attention (like any other scholarly and creative activity), and
    • by encouraging faculty to clearly articulate their approach to integrating their faith and discipline.
  • Support scholarly and creative activities appropriate to each discipline through original work (and including the scholarship of teaching), especially as it relates to teaching and the University’s missional objectives; and
  • Honor faculty members’ critical contributions as colleagues who seek opportunities to positively influence and advance improvement to the University community and their professional disciplines by engaging service opportunities that benefit students, staff, and one another.

An overarching goal of the APF will be the support and development of faculty who fulfill the University’s mission statement and strategic plan by pursuing programs and initiatives that cohere with other faculty-related activities across the University (and vice-versa).


Official policies of the University are outlined in its governance documents. Faculty should see the current Faculty Handbook (accessible under “Faculty Assembly” on the eLearn site) for information concerning faculty searches, evaluations, professional development plans, faculty development funds, and sabbatical leaves.


Faculty development programs are organized by the Associate Provost of Faculty in consultation with the Faculty Development Council. They include: