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Researchers at Bucknell have considered a way to alleviate the disparity in grading norms evident in the traditional GPA and suggests a way to more accurately portray student success in coursework, regardless of the ostensible ease or difficulty of a class (or grading approach of its professor). Read more about the GPAM (“GPA of Medians”) in this article from the Washington Post.

productivity, grit, scarcity & abundance

This article from an October issue of ChronicleVitae poses some interesting insights about grit and scarcity mindsets: food for thought if you’re entering the summer with plans for productivity or reflecting on your accomplishments of the past year–or perhaps as you consider another strategy to encourage your next batch of students to make use of the WHOLE term to do their semester-long project?

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reading circles meeting fall semester 2017

Reminder of meeting locations for this semester’s reading circles: Wednesday midday in LTOW 3 MLA; Thursday midday in Creekside 116, and Thursday morning in HAWAC Blue Room. Looking forward to hearing about the discussions and teaching experiments and pedagogical innovation prompted by Small Teaching!