Faculty Colloquium Tuesday, Oct. 30: Dr. Teri Stein & Dr. Josh Jones


For our second faculty colloquium of the year, Dr. Teri Stein and Dr. Josh Jones will review recent accomplishments in longtime research.

From a ten-year journey, Dr. Stein will impart insights regarding best practices when teaching, communicating with and listening to students from China and South Korea who have chosen to attend schools in the United States. In particular, she will address classroom management, mentoring strategies, family expectations, servant leadership, and becoming a “listening teacher.”

Dr. Jones will present “The Grungier Side of Scholarship,” describing his work as a contributing author for a series of music textbooks published by Clifton Hills Press. With the support of a scholarship from the Surbeck Summer Research Program, in summer 2018, he completed his first project of writing a chapter for POP MUSIC, USA on 90s grunge music.

In preparation for the colloquium, Dr. Stein asks that you watch the one-minute video below, which captures ideas and concepts that will be addressed during the presentation. Dr. Jones reminds you that, for his portion of the colloquium, flannels and cynicism are optional.

The program begins at 11:00 AM in HAWAC 221 and refreshments will be served.

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